April 14, 2022
Unidata Architecture Publication
In February-March 2022, there was the first introduction of the Unidata platform to the European scientific community.

In February, the "Unidata — A Modern Master Data Management Platform" article went through a major peer-review process and was accepted for the DATAPLAT@EDBT/ICDT'22 workshop (1st International Workshop on Data Platform Design, Management, and Optimization).

In March, a presentation based on the article was given at the workshop. The report was successful, warmly received, and was presented by Anna Smirnova, an employee of Unidata Labs under the supervision of George Chernishev.

Quick Note
EDBT/ICDT (International Conference on Extending Database Technology) is one of the oldest database conferences and one of the top 5 database conferences in the world.

Article: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-3135/dataplat_paper1.pdf
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkcqKSGh9SE
DATAPLAT Workshop: https://big.csr.unibo.it/dataplat2022/
EDBT/ICDT Conference: https://conferences.inf.ed.ac.uk/edbticdt2022/