May 4, 2022
Presentation at the ACM SIGMOD (Moscow Section)
At the end of April 2022, the head of Unidata Labs, George Chernishev, spoke at the Moscow Section of ACM SIGMOD.

He presented a report on the Master Data Management (MDM) concept with explanations of basic concepts in the field of data management, mentioned MDM implementation methods, and how the MDM concept is useful for user organizations.

The second part of the report included practical aspects where the Unidata platform architecture was considered including the possibilities of extending the functionality. Several aspects of data storage and query execution were discussed. As illustrations, the report included examples of implementing solutions based on Unidata, as well as opportunities for further development of the data management area.

The renewed report, in turn, was an adaptation of the "Unidata — A Modern Master Data Management Platform" report presented at DATAPLAT@EDBT/ICDT'22, March 2022.

Quick Note
ACM SIGMOD (ACM's Special Interest Group on Management of Data) is the world's largest and oldest community concerned with DBMS principles, methods and applications, and data management technology in general. It was founded in 1976, and the names of such scientists as Alfred Aho, Peter Chen, Jeffrey Uhlmann, Michael Stonebraker and many others are associated with this community. In Russia, the ACM SIGMOD chapter has existed since 1992 and is a central place dedicated to database systems and information systems.

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